Our Method

Welcome to the Coaching 4 L.I.F.E. Model

We provide coaches with a series of programs and modules geared towards instilling fundamental guiding principles in their everyday practice and the development of their own coaching philosophy.

Developing Coaches for L.I.F.E.

We define mastery as the continual process of developing and growing towards optimal human health, resilience and performance. We use an “inside out” approach to mastery that starts with you, and influences the success of your team.

Leadership is the process of influencing others towards a common goal.

Integrity is the consistency between values, words, and deeds towards optimal outcomes.

Fundamentals are the basic elements that form the foundation of your sport or performance.

Excellence is the continual process of improving by giving your best efforts towards optimal performances.

While most coaching education focuses on Strategy, tactics and techniques (X’s and O’s), our Coach For Life model uses a holistic approach to coaching development focusing on five areas (or domains) of the human dimension: Mind, Body, Team, Character, and Craft.

Cognitive and emotional skills that promote mental health, resilience and high performance.

Physical skills that promote efficient, effective, and safe movement, nutrition, and recovery.

Interpersonal skills that create connection, cohesion, and cultures of trust. A team is greater than its individual members.

The foundation of coaching that identifies and develops core values, purpose, philosophy for ethical decision making.

Fundamental knowledge and skills that you must acquire and maintain in order to be a successful coach in your sport.

For Coaches

The Coaching Academy has developed a series of programs designed to prepare, support, and promote coaches. We offer advanced coaching modules, mentorship programs, coaching seminars, clinics and certificate programs.

For Students

For students within the Texas A&M system the Coaching Academy offers a coaching certificate program, volunteer coaching opportunities, coaching minor, coaching modules designed for new coaches, advising, mentoring, membership in the Student Coaching Association, and vast networking opportunities.

For Administrators

The Coaching Academy has a number of service programs that are designed to support coaches currently working in school districts, community organizations, and park and recreation facilities. They included youth sport certification, coaching modules, seminars, and on site training programs.

For Veterans

The Veterans Coaching Program (VCP) is aligned with Texas A&M’s tradition of providing world-class education and support to US Military service members, veterans and their families. VCP seeks to leverage the hard-earned knowledge, skills and experiences of transitioning Veterans who want to continue serving as coaches, teachers and athletic administrators in their communities – in Texas and across the world. VCP is designed to educate, train, certify and assist Veterans and their family members with the goals of pursuing careers in the coaching profession.