– John H. Thornton, Director, Texas A&M University Coaching Academy

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Veterans Coaching Program

The Coaching Academy Veterans Coaching Program seeks to leverage the available talent of transitioning service members and veterans who want to continue leading in their communities in Texas and across the US through athletic coaching and administration.

Preparing Future Coaches

Coaching Academy undergraduate programming provides students that are interested in coaching the resources, training, and support to begin their coaching & teaching careers.

Professional Development for Current Coaches

The Coaching Academy mission is to share cutting edge information and proven techniques to assist and support current coaches, athletic programs, and administrators.

Youth Development & Parental Coaching (K-6)

Coaching Academy youth sports programming targets parents, youth sport coaches, and community athletic organizations, and provides resources, instruction, and best practices in the development of young athletes.


We offer a variety of training modules in multiple disciplines. Modules include Strength Training, Sexual Misconduct, Hazing, Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Mental Health, Concussions, Working with the Official, and many more!

Put us in, coach!

Welcome to the Texas A&M Coaching Academy. We assist coaches, athletes, parents, and administrators in all phases of competition. Director and Coach John Thornton explains our coaching philosophy here.


We produce fresh coaching content regularly. From promotional videos to podcast and webinars, we focus on equipping you with quality content. Continue to check back on our features tab for the latest.

Success Stories

Sarah Coldeway, former Texas A&M Student Coaches Association president & Coaching Academy Graduate, give us a summary on her time with the Academy and how it helped her start her career.


The TAMU Coaching Academy is proud to have the assistance of many great coaches, administrators, and organizations. Join the donor team and help us strive to new heights.


Creating upper body strength is paramount to an athlete’s performance. This module will build a foundation for you and your student athletes’ to progress through pressing patterns safely. We provide you the best cues to effectively supervise strength and conditioning through bench press activities.


Let’s prep to win!

We help new coaches by identifying available avenues for personal success and equip you with valuable athletic resources.


We have your back!

We will continue to develop our professional coaching network and provide you with potential employment opportunities.


Yell in our bullhorn!

We educate the public on coaching’s positive influences to society through seminars, podcasts, & radio-broadcasting.