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The Student Coaches Association (SCA) is a student-led organization which provides opportunities for TAMU students to gain knowledge and experience in the teaching-coaching profession through collaborations with on and off campus agencies.

Our Mission

The Mission of the SCA is to provide quality teaching/coaching opportunities for its members to gain experiences and knowledge related to the profession through engagement with on and off campus agencies. This is accomplished through collaboration with local ISD’s, by participating in coaching lectures and seminars, and through the continuing educational resources of the TAMU Coaching Academy and Texas High School Coaches Association.

Training the Next Generation of Coaches

Through its collaboration with the Texas A&M Coaching Academy, the SCA will provide Coaches to fill the gap in the profession by:

  1. Preparing members for the teaching-coaching profession through academic and field-based experiences.
  2. Supporting members as they continue to grow and develop in the teaching-coaching profession.
  3. Promoting members as they begin to seek employment in the teaching-coaching profession.

Current and Alumni Member Testimonials

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