Coaching for LIFE Podcasts

Tune in to our podcast channel, hosted by our Coaching Academy team members. Here you will find podcasts centered around a variety of coaching topics and issues, as well as interviews with subject matter experts.

3-Minute Drill Podcast

The 3-Minute Drill is a podcast that provides the opportunity for experienced coaches to speak to these dimensions and pass along their knowledge, expertise and lessons learned to others in the coaching profession.

Power Up with Coach Monty Gibson

Join master strength & conditioning coach Monty Gibson and TAMU PhD student Baykal Altiner as they discuss all things weight room training, progression tips, and the ethics of sport.

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Health Wellness and Fitness – Dr. Mark D. Faries

The “Story Behind the Study” – Diversity in Sport – Dr. George Cunningham

Sports Science – Mr. Howard Gray

Sport Nutrition – Mr. Jonathan Tanquay

Athletic Endorsements – Dr. Natasha Brison

Physical Activity – The Red-Headed Step Child of Public Health – Dr. Russell Pate

Play Everywhere: Healing Where We Hurt – Ms. Chisa Yamaguchi

Sports Medicine from an Athlete’s Perspective – Mr. Jerrod Johnson

Health, Exercise and the Environment – Dr. Emily Schmitt

Sport and Life Quality – Dr. Marlene Dixon

Sports Nutrition – Dr. Susan Kleiner

Sports Psychology – Dr. John Eliot

Educational Ethics – Dr. David Thompson

Sports Nutrition – Dr. Mike Greenwood

Electricity – The Elemental Principle of Life (Was Dr. Frankenstein Right?) – Dr. Darrell Neufer

The Day My Earth Stood Still: From Injury to the Rest of My Life” – Mr. Reggie Brown

Sports Performance: Current and Future Practices in the Field – Ms. Tanna Burge

“Best Of” With Texas A&M Football Coach – Mr. Mark Hagen

Females in Football – Ms. Lydia Dubuisson

“Best Of” With Texas A&M Football Player – Mr. Ben Compton

“Best Of” With Comedian – Mr. Kevin Hughes

“Best Of” With Ultra Runner – Dr. Mike Sandlin

Online Strength Training Programming – Mr. Dan Giuliani

Sports Performance – Dr. Brandon Marcello

The Anatomy of Dance – Dr. Karen Clippinger

Kids’ After-School Activity Programs – Dr. David Dzewaltowski

Special Podcast with TAMU Football Player and Student – Mr. Ben Compton

Sports Related Concussion: Legitimate Concern or Paranoia? – Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz

Athletes and the Arts: Get in Tune – Mr. Randy Dick

Sports and Military TBI: Pathways to Neurogeneration – Dr. Ann McKee

Overcoming Performance Anxiety: A Musician’s Perspective – Mr. Gerald Veasley

Complexity of Providing Sports Medicine Care – Mr. Phil Hedrick

Pilates and Dance Science – Ms. Elizabeth Ahearn

It’s Podcast Friday! with Texas A&M Defensive Line Coach – Coach Terry Price

Football Injuries and Treatment – Mr. David Weir

Coaching Excellence – Ms. Kerrie Patterson-Brown

It’s Summer Podcast Friday! Running – Mark and Alana Hadley

Future of Legacy Collegiate Middle & High School Careers in Health and Wellness – Ms. Kerrie Patterson-Brown

Changes in Track and Field in the NCAA – Coach Pat Henry

Coaching Soccer, World Cup, and Youth Sports – Coach G Guerrieri

Changes in Culture of NCAA Football Teams – Mr. Justin Moore

Sports Nutrition : Peewees to Pros – Dr. Roberta Anding

Changes in the Linebacker Position – Coach Mark Hagen

Sports Inclusion – Dr. Laurie Priest

Wonderfully Flawed – Mr. Adam Sargent

Sports in the University – Dr. Shane Hudson

Athletics as the Front Porch of the University : Why Athletics is Important to a University’s Mission – Coach Mark Johnson 

Sports Marketing and Football – Ms. Lydia Dubuisson

Diversity Management in Sport – Dr. Akilah Carter-Francique

Reducing Violence with Weightlifting – Mr. Jon Feinman

How PE Helps Kids Get Smarter – Dr. Susan Wagner

Positive Role of Sport in Society – Dr. Jon Welty-Peachy

Student Athlete Success – Mr. Zerick Rollins

Challenges, Rewards, and Motivation for Providing Great Athletic Programs for Students – Mr. Kevin Ozee

Planning for Emergencies at Events – Mike Caruso

USADA and Doping-education – Dr. Judy Sandlin

College Basketball Officiating – Dr. Mike Thornton

Sport and Sexual Identity – Dr. George Cunningham

Student Athlete Academic Success – Mr. Adam Sargent

Current Issues Regarding Injuries – like Concussions – Mr. Karl Kapchinski

Future of the Texas A&M Coaching Academy – Dr. John Thornton

The Ball – Why We Play Sports in Our Society – Dr. John Fox

Controversial Professional Baseball Decisions – Mr. Bryan Minniti

The Real Pain in Rehabilitation – Mr. Michael Hodges

Athletic Training for All! – Mr. Kevin Bastin

Academics, Basketball, and Competition – Ms. Adaora Elonu

Nutrition for the Elite Athlete and Everyone – Dr. Roberta Anding

Life as a Football Student – Athlete – Mr. Andrew Wolridge

Keeping Kids Active in Schools – Mr. Matt Belles

American Fitness Index and Keeping Kids Active – Dr. Walt Thompson

Professional Baseball, Injuries, and Rehab – Mr. Bryan Minniti

Sudden Death and Athletes – Dr. Stephen Crouse

Golf and Successful Aging – Coach Bob Ellis

Sevens, Sport Science, and Oscar Pistorius – Dr. Ross Tucker

Strength Training with Isokinetics and Vibration! – Dr. Lee Brown

The Role of Race in Sport – Dr. John Singer

Sports Medicine and the Military – Brig. General Joe Ramirez

Health and its Impact on Everything Else – Dr. Danny Ballard

The Business of College Athletics and Being a Student Athlete – Dr. John Thornton

Scorecasting : The Hidden Influences Behind Sports – Mr. Jon Wertheim

Olympic Lifting in Your Workout! – Coach Allen Kinley

Sports and the First Amendment – Dr. Paul Batista

Athletic Training – More than just Running on the Field – Mr. Karl Kapchinski

Sport Marketing : Its Importance and Prevalence

Sports Nutrition for All – Mr. John Tanguay

Conditioning and Strength Training in Football – Coach Dave Kennedy

Sports Medicine from the Orthopedic Surgeon Viewpoint – Dr. JP Bramhall