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Coaches, parents, athletes, and administrators can gain a wealth of knowledge and skills in their coaching practices through our online training. These modules are designed for a professional with a schedule. Rather than a long lecture format, our modules are bite-sized and self-paced. We include a variety of videos, descriptive images, and interactivity to make training enjoyable.

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The weight room is a great place for athletes to grow and strengthen themselves, but it is also a space where those who lack training and knowledge can easily injure themselves. In this module, we provide the importance for coaches to be knowledgeable in proper weight room safety and how to pass valuable safety information to the athlete.

Presenter: Coach Monty Gibson

Price: $15.00


It’s official! The relationship between coaches and officials can be challenging. In this module, you will learn how to strengthen this relationship and reach the common goal of improving student-athletes. We also provide tips for both sides to increase transparency on-and-off the field.

Presenter: Coach Mike Thornton

Price: $15.00


Instances of sexual misconduct are unfortunately reported in a wide range of different organizations, and coaching is no exception. In this module, we highlight the importance of identifying sexual misconduct and provide insight on how to prevent, report, and remediate this harassment.

Presenter: Professor and Coach, Marlene Dixon

Price: $15.00

Squat Skills and Progression

Squats help build a strong lower body and deliver a number of ancillary physical benefits, including increased hormone release and improved flexibility. This module will increase you and your student athletes’ awareness of squatting safely. We provide you the best cues to effectively supervise strength and conditioning with squat activities.

Presenter: Coach Monty Gibson

Price: $15.00

Role Conflict: The Teacher-Coach

Coaching, in addition to teaching, can make for long and grueling workdays. The problem is how the multiple responsibilities of being a teacher and a coach create role conflict for individuals in the teacher-coach (TC) profession. The purpose of this module is to identify causes of teacher-coach role conflict and to identify possible solutions to the problem.

Presenter: Dr. Jim Guinn

Price: $15.00

Bench Press Skills & Progressions

Creating upper body strength is paramount to an athlete’s performance. This module will build a foundation for you and your student athletes’ to progress through pressing patterns safely. We provide you the best cues to effectively supervise strength and conditioning through bench press activities.

Presenter: Coach Monty Gibson

Price: $15.00


Sport concussions have become a significant problem. In recent years, they have made headlines with reports about the consequences of returning to play too soon, as well as research findings into the long-term effects of the injury.

Presenter: David Weir

Price: $15.00

Power Clean

Power clean is a great exercise to develop athletic power. However, the mechanics of the power clean can be very challenging to master.

Presenter: Coach Monty Gibson

Price: $15

Hazing & Bullying

This course is currently in development by our subject matter experts. New coaching content coming soon!

Presenter: TBD

Price: TBD

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We release new modules regularly. Check back in to see the following modules currently in development:

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