Coaching Certificate Application 

The coaching academy aims to assist students and student-athletes who are interested in the various opportunities related to the coaching profession and youth development. Our certificate program is designed to help students gain coaching experience while supporting them through the student coaching experience.

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Requirements for Thornton-McFerrin Coaching Academy Undergraduate Coaching Certificate

To receive an undergraduate coaching certificate through the Thornton-McFerrin Coaching Academy, the following requirements must be met while a student is enrolled as an undergraduate at Texas A&M University.

·       Submit Online Application

·       Attend an Entry Interview

·       Obtain First Aid Certification

·       Complete Child Protection Training (free through the University)

·       Complete 40 Hours of Coaching in Primary Sport

·       Complete 20 Hours of Coaching in Secondary Sport

·       Complete 5 Credit Hours of Coursework (KINE 215, KINE 334, one Coaching of … Class)

·       Purchase and Complete 4 Online Coaching Academy Modules

·       Join and Participate in Student Coaches Association (SCA) Student Organization

·       Participate in Coach-Prep Training Workshops as provided by the Coaching Academy

·       Attend an Exit Interview

·       Graduate from Texas A&M University