About Us


Our Program

On campus

Preparing undergraduates for coaching by way of campus related programming and coaching certification through the Academy.

On Site

Facilitating and sponsoring participation in seminars and clinics for beginning coaches, current practitioners, and athletics departments.


Providing coaching related podcasts, distance learning continued education and masters level course for coaches through the Division of Sport Management at Texas A&M.

The Coaching Academy helps future and current coaches, by identifying professional pathways for them. Furthermore, it partners with individuals that champion the influence coaches can have on youth and the community. Whether you are coaching as a vocation, working with your child to get better, or involved in youth sports, we invite you to regularly check our website and social platforms for updates, interviews, & best practices in coaching.

Furthermore, our program works to ensure that coaches have the necessary tools to make optimal impact on the emotional, mental and physical performance of their athletes. Here’s how! Most importantly we strive to empower coaches to instill character, integrity and life lessons into athletic performance.