Certificate Requirements


1.  Capstone Class KINE 324 (3 hours) “Best Practice in Coaching and Athletic Administration”

2.  Fundamentals of Coaching KINE 215 (1 hour)

Must be taken at TAMU

3.  Strenth and Conditioning KINE 199 (1 hour)

4.  Athletic/Coaching Seminar KINE 289 (1 hour)

5. Educational Psychology – INST 301 (1 hour)

6. Internship/Experience/Observation (40 hours) 

Observation of sports related program, coaching experience in summer camp, youth program, afterschool sport program, Boys and Girls Club, recreational youth sport coaching, referee experience, and sport specific summer camp experience

7. True Sport Certification

A web based learning platform that develops philosophy and ethics, effective communication and problem-solving with athletes and parents, and encourages drug-free sport and sound nutrition. 

8. Participation/Attendance in Campus or other Coaching Clinic

9. Community Service Event or Related Experience

10. Membership in Coaching or Professional Organization

11. Alternative Coaching Experience 

Experience with coaching a sport that is NOT your dominant sport

12. Verification of Personal Coaching Portfolio/Master Notebook

13. Undergraduate Degree 

Including first aid, strength/conditioning and athletic training component

14. Certificate Fee (Framing) $10