Coaching Events

Texas A&M Coaching Academy hosts and participates in multiple coaching events each year to stay connected to the field. These events include seminars, clinics, workshops, guest speakers, and conferences.Take a look at some of the highlights of our past events below.

THSCA 2020

Due to the challenges of COVID-19, this year’s THSCA conference was hosted virtually through Virbela. Coaching Academy had a strong presence, with a virtual booth and a talk with Coach Monty Gibson and Dr. Ryan Pittsinger.

THSCA 2019

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Coaching Academy Leadership Summit


On Monday, November 26th, the Texas A&M Coaching Academy presented the first ever Leadership Summit in Aggieland! The Coaching Academy hosted six distinguished professionals from the athletic and administrative career fields. Attendees received insight to real world experiences and expectations within the various roles of athletics and administration. Each presenter was able share how their experiences afforded them opportunities to positively influence the community around them, achieve career objectives and enhance their knowledge and understanding of their career environments. Events such as our 2018 Leadership Summit will continue to “coach the future” through sharing athletic and administrative truth and fundamentals. Our aim to prepare, promote, and support the future of coaching and athletic administration will be ongoing through events like the Leadership Summit.

Dr. David Thompson

Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at UTSA

The President of the Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration and Editorial

Advisory Committee member of the Texas School Administrators Legal Digest

Women and Leadership

Dr. Susan Elza: Director of Athletics, UIL

Marissa Tuzzi: Director of Athletics, UIL

Brandy Belk: Director of Athletics, UIL

Panel:  Women and Leadership in a Competitive Environment – Opportunities, Challenges, and Best Practice for Women Coaches and Athletics Administrators

Inspiring Lives

Ruqayya Gibson: Head Track Coach, Cypress Springs, 2014 Texas Track, Coach of The Year, a Brooks Inspiring Coach, and 2018 and Vype Magazine Coach of The Year

Panel: Inspiring Lives and Achieving Personal Greatness

Beginning Your Career

Col. Craig Flowers: Director of Athletic Consulting, Development for Horizon Performance. Assists with the selection and development of NASA astronauts, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, NCAA Athletes, and Athletic Departments

Panel: Beginning Your Career and Making a Difference as a Leader

Coach Spotlight

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Headshot of Sandra Flinn

Coaching Icon – Sandra Flinn

Coaching Career

Houston Area Youth Swimming; Dallas Area Youth Swimming; Plano ISD 1994-2001; Robinson Middle School (Head Coach) 1994-1996; Plano SHS (Asst. Coach) 1997-1999 – Women’s State Championship 1998; Plano West SHS (Head Coach) 1999-2001 – District and Regional Coach of the Year 2000; Marine Military Academy (Head Coach) 2003; Harlingen CISD – Aquatics Coordinator – Present


Coaching Philosophy

“My coaching philosophy lies in the belief that the title of coach is one of the most powerful and impactful titles you can ever wear, from the volunteer little league coach to the professional level. This title carries with it the responsibility of great communicator, enforcer of discipline, instiller of confidence, director of character and leadership and shaper of attitudes and beliefs.

Coaching Prodigy – Edgar de Luna

Coaching Career

Edgar has been a volunteer coach with College Station High School under Head Coach Steve Huff and College Station Middle School under coordinator Robert Owens for one full season. With the College Station Cougars, De Luna formed a part of their 2017 5A Division II State Championship team, he was a assistant Defensive Backs coach with the 2017 District Champ 8th grade football team, as well as on staff for the 2018 Division 1 Adidas State 7v7 Champions. He has also worked several football and strength and conditioning camps for College Station High School, 7th through 12th grade, and has worked several mini camps for young kids in grades 3rd to 6th.


Coaching Philosophy

“My coaching philosophy is to help young men and women achieve the best possible version of themselves through character, commitment, sacrifice and effort. This philosophy comes to life from past job experiences both on and off the field. Student athletes will be pushed to new heights to find out the true meaning of those four pillars. These four pillars show young men and women how to lead a successful life after leaving our program. Student athletes will be held to higher standard because they are the front porch of the institution. The blueprint to fulfill these standards lies within the team itself. An unselfish brotherhood that is anchored by a strong trust bond and undying faith will help student athletes mature but, more importantly live out this philosophy and purpose.”