Our Method

The Coaching Academy helps future and current coaches, by identifying professional pathways for them. Furthermore, it partners with individuals that champion the influence coaches can have on youth and the community. Whether you are coaching as a vocation, working with your child to get better, or involved in youth sports, we invite you to regularly check our website and social platforms for updates, interviews, & best practices in coaching.

Furthermore, our program works to ensure that coaches have the necessary tools to make optimal impact on the emotional, mental and physical performance of their athletes. Most importantly we strive to empower coaches to instill character, integrity and life lessons into athletic performance.

On Campus

Preparing undergraduates for coaching by way of campus related programming and coaching certification through the Academy.

On Site

Facilitating and sponsoring participation in seminars and clinics for beginning coaches, current practitioners, and athletics departments.

On Line

Providing coaching related podcasts, distance learning continued education and masters level course for coaches through the Division of Sport Management at Texas A&M.

Coach Kirby coaching football player

Academic Success

The Texas A&M Coaching Academy supports our cohort through providing fundamentals and experiences that will allow them to advance their careers in the field of coaching and other athletic administrative positions. The Texas A&M Coaching Academy believes that hosting events that have experienced coaches and professional educators will better equip and inform those seeking to positively affect sport. Also, by providing hands-on experience through volunteer opportunities within the various organizations we network with, the Texas A&M Coaching Academy helps to layer and build upon a foundation that will lead to a higher quality of prepared individuals who seek to impact athletes now and in the future.

Career Advancement

The Coaching Academy is developing relationships with the Texas A&M Career Center, Texas A&M University Athletics, the Texas A&M Lettermen’s Association, the 12th Man Foundation and others in the hope of coordinating opportunities related to employment for students, past and present, who are interested in coaching.

To further facilitate job options, Coaching Academy Director Dr. John Thornton has an open door policy for students, student-athletes, and former student-athletes who have decided that a coaching career is their career goal.

Further, the Coaching Academy is developing sports-related volunteer and mentorship opportunities for students through the Deerfoot Youth Camp, which has had a service affiliation with Texas A&M University since 1980.

Dr. Thornton talking to a student in his office

Life Changing

The Coaching Academy promotes coaches and the coaching profession in a variety of ways.  Knowing that coaches can have a life time impact on and off the field or court the Academy strives to foster the positive relationships and outcomes it has helped to create.  The Coaching Academy highlights its partnerships and collaborations via campus programming, seminars, podcasts, multimedia resources, and educational partnership.

The Coaching Academy works to promote coaches by educating the public on the positive influence coaches have in society and by promoting and organizing on and off campus programming through seminars, podcasts, radio broadcasting and presentations.